Energy Audits/Design
With a continuous focus on reducing energy consumption and decreasing facility operating costs, we closely interact with Owners and contractors to provide a complete turnkey solution. Beyond typical engineering services, many additional features can be incorporated into a facility. With experience implementing such systems as DuCool, high efficiency magnetic chillers, LED lighting, photovoltaics, occupancy/vacancy sensors, daylight harvesting, and switched receptacles, we are sure to meet the needs of any facility. Being a trade ally with many of the utility companies, we are able to obtain the appropriate utility and government rebates to improve any return on investment as suggested by our energy audits.

Design/Code Review
Often a second set of eyes can make all the difference between a successful project and a failed one. With our expertise we can review drawings to ensure that a project is successful and/or complies with code.

Facility Assessments/Code Compliance
Whether it is evaluating future projects, current facility conditions, and/or code compliance of an existing facility, we can help. With key staff teaching code at local colleges combined with our practical experience, we can assess a facility and provide recommendations.

Commissioning systems ensures performance and can typically be associated with a return on investment. We are able to provide everything from written test procedures to witness testing for systems typically requiring commissioning including HVAC, emergency distribution, lighting controls, fire alarm, etc.

With the necessary equipment on hand we can perform earth ground resistance testing, energy data logging, EIA/TIA compliance of copper and fiber optic cables, phase rotation confirmation, etc. Many of these systems are installed without proper confirmation that they are operating per industry standards. Beyond 'Day 1' confirmation, many industry recommendations state that various electrical components should be tested yearly. We work with our clients to develop and establish custom ongoing annual audits.

Short Circuit Current/Time Current Coordination
Using the latest SKM Power Tool Software, we can evaluate any power system for short circuit currents and determine the proper protective device settings. Such studies will show probable values of fault currents within the system and the impact short circuits/failures would have on a facility operation. The study will determine proper frame/sensor sizes, and settings of the protective devices in order to minimize equipment and personnel damage while preventing nuisance trips and unnecessary outages due to inrushes and transients.

Arc Flash Evaluation
We understand the electrical safety standards established by National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), NEC, ANSI, IEEE and OSHA Regulations. We can perform a comprehensive audit of the electrical systems to model and generate the Arc Flash Analysis. We work with our clients to develop and establish custom Arc Flash Safety Programs, including proper electrical design to mitigate electrical safety risks, training, labeling and ongoing annual compliance audits.

Mechanical System Design
With resources to provide a facilities heating, cooling, plumbing and fire protection design, we are able to utilize the latest technology and modeling to create energy-efficient buildings. Having designed facilities to utilize a true integrated control and monitoring system, building Owners can rest assure that everything is as it should be.

Power Distribution Systems
Utilizing our global experience implementing everything from medium-voltage switchgear to the placement of receptacles, we can provide a solution for your current needs and future requirements.

Low Voltage Systems
Low voltage systems (fire alarm, nurse call, information technology, audio/visual, and cable television systems) are continuously evolving. With expertise in high-rise, healthcare and education facilities, our experts stay abreast of current trends and technologies to ensure your project moves forward properly.

Lighting Design
With experience in many lighting applications including interior, exterior, roadway, and aviation we can meet all your lighting needs. We work closely with the team to ensure that the desired illumination levels are achieved considering costs, energy consumption, lamp types, and maintenance

Lighting Control Systems
In modern lighting design, control systems are becoming a constant focus due to energy codes. We work to ensure the proper lighting controls are selected, be it occupancy sensors, timeclocks,
daylight harvesting, etc.

Power System Reliability
With an increasing importance for system reliability to minimize power outages, we have the expertise to capture your needs. We have experience implementing several large scale campus power distribution systems and can provide design from the utility to your facility accounting for power outages and other common power anomalies that plague distribution systems today. Successfully having implemented automatic-throw over systems, co-generation, back-up generators, etc. we will work together to minimize these occurrences.

As technologies continue to evolve and codes change, individuals typically feel left in the dark. If you approach manufacturers about new trends, it appears as if they are only pushing their product. Since we are not associated with any manufacturer, we can provide unbiased training and guidance customized to address your needs.